The Dexter breed are descended from the mountain cattle of Ireland and the Kerry and Dexter Cattle Society was founded in 1892.  The first herd book was the Royal Dublin Society’s Volume I of 1890 and the first one published by the English Kerry & Dexter Cattle Society was Volume I in 1900.

There are two recognized types – short-legged and non short, they can be black, red or dun coated and be horned or naturally polled.

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Euchee Creek's Red Aedan is our current herd sire.  He is shown here at 20 mo old.  He is growing into an impressive young bull that has added his remarkable growth and thickness to our calves.  His 2017 calf crop was


Belle Fourche Washington had been our herd sire since 2009 and has given us some wonderful easy going beefy babies including the young bull below Euchee Creek's Red Sonny.  Sonny was the sire for our 2016 calves and has gone to live at Moosters Meadows in Wyoming.  We do have semen from Sonny for sale.

Euchee Creek's Red Sonny is our new herd bull.  He has his sires wonderful disposition plus he is A2/A2 as well as homozygous polled.   He is E+/E+ for color which means he will pass on wild red to his offspring. His dam is also one of best cows,  Sara is

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